Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Reverse Canvas - Tutorial

Hi friends! Just wanted to drop in and chat a sec. I know it's been a while. Life just wants to get in the way. I'd much rather be here chatting and crafting with you! πŸ₯°

I've had a lot of people asking me about my reverse canvas projects that I've shown in my facebook group and have taught at different event. Someone asked if I could put together a tutorial for it. So for now, what I thought I would do is include a video tutorial I did a while back for my FB group. Please excuse it....I'm a work in progress and I don't know about you, but I do not like seeing myself on camera. I'm trying to overcome my camera fears, but it makes me so uncomfortable. Ughugh!! I would much rather do it in person. 😁


I hope you find it helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.

If you are on Facebook, I would love for you to check out my page and join my facebook group! In this group I like to share freebies, tutorials, troubleshooting, etc. The members are all so nice and everyone is uplifting and helpful. 

So until the next time we meet, as always, Happy Crafting! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Customized Gift Wrap & Matching Tag

There is just so much you can do with your Silhouette software & machine. The ideas are endless. You just have to think outside the box a little bit. So...what happens when you add a printer, some Ikea rolled art paper & cardstock? You can create a customized gift wrap for someone special!
Anyone can do this with the Silhouette Studio software, Silhouette Cameo, your home printer and some ribbon. Here's how I did it: First I cut a piece of the Ikea rolled art paper 12 inches by 24 inches. Next, I got this adorable Christmas Holly Heart paper pattern #166168 by designer Sandi Idelman in the Silhouette Design Store and printed it onto the paper directly to my home printer from Silhouette Studio.
Once the paper was all printed out, I enlarged the pattern and isolated the design in the software by cropping it with a heart image made with the flexishape panel. I wanted to use as this as my matching tag.
Once I had my design the way I wanted, I printed it out on cardstock as a print and cut design with registration marks for no fail cutting. Once printed, I cut the tags with the help of my trusty Cameo.
Lastly I wrapped my package, added the ribbon and tied on my card! It was that simple. And Viola! Customized Wrapping! Now, I challenge you to see what you can create!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Crafting Unity During The Coronavirus

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have been MIA. You know how things go...that little thing called life just seems to get in the way. Intentions are good, but sometimes I just can't get it all done.

Praying you and your family are safe and healthy with all that is going on in our big worlds.

Here's a little update from my neck of the woods. My youngest son is off at school still living the college life (those quarantined & virtually learning). My oldest son & his wife started out the year shaking our foundation by moving across the country to the west coast. Yep 3,000 miles away. That was unexpected to say the least. But I guess children grow up and make their own way.

All the while, the rest of our world as we know it was getting rocked with the Coronavirus. Luckily, the area where we live hasn't been hit very hard, but unfortunately we know several who have been impacted by it. Our prayers continue to go out to everyone affected. Although my husband and I are essential workers, we too are living our days under shelter in place. We of course have to go to work. But we don't do much else other than hitting the grocery store for essential needs. Although I know this whole thing has been inconvenient to life as we all know it, I also hope it has been an eye opening experience just as it has been for us. It seems to be bringing families back together and strengthening the family unit. (There's probably a few frazzled parents out there questioning me on that comment - and to those parents I say this...makes you appreciate those teachers just a little more now, doesn't it! πŸ˜‚πŸ’—) And honestly, both are something this country definitely needed. πŸ’—

It also has brought the nation together. People of all walks of life helping their fellow man. Crafters and non crafters making face masks and other needed supplies for healthcare workers and first line responders. Some others are making and sending uplifting cards and many others are sharing these stories. Strangers caring for and comforting each other. That, right there my friends, is worth its weight in gold. I've had the honor of witnessing several of these wonderful selfless acts around me and wanted to share a few of them with you.

My friend Starlin, who is a local photographer, put down her camera and began sewing masks to donate to healthcare workers. She also used her Silhouette Cameo for cutting out leather mask clips.

Another friend and fellow colleague, Silhouette Instructor Teresa Pepe from New York, used her Silhouette to make face shields and began donating them to her local hospitals & front line workers. She and her family have worked around the clock to fill requests. Word of what she was doing spread like wildfire and many were moved by her story. As a result, she started receiving supply donations from both businesses and the community. This made it possible for she and her family to continue making the face shields. Her story also inspired other Silhouette instructors to support her cause. Teresa has received multiple boxes of face shields made by these colleagues. These face shields have been donated to local first line responders.  

Lycia (my sister from another mother) and her sweet mom Nancilee, both from Texas, also took to crafting to fill needs in their community. Lycia, who is also a Silhouette Instructor, used her Glowforge to craft acrylic buttons for headbands and mask clips from plexiglass. Both of these items were designed for healthcare workers to relieve the pressure of mask loops off their ears. Nancilee and her quilting group took to their sewing machines and together sewed thousands of face masks for their local hospital.

There are so many heartwarming stories happening around me, that I of course can't begin to tell them all. I'm in awe of these and the countless others that are happening day in and day out. Please don't let the storytelling stop here. Take to social media and spread the word of the good things you see happening around you. Things that are uniting our communities. Don't let goodwill go unnoticed!

And now I want to leave you with this last thought and maybe a little chuckle...okay... at least a smile on your face..Someone is going to have to come up with a post quarantine workout program for me when this is all over with, because I know I'm going to have the Corona25 when it's all said and done, if you know what I mean...well Corona quarantine and that cookie dough and well maybe that strawberry ice cream all will have contributed...and I really didn't need any additional help...I already looked like a busted can of biscuits...I'm just sayin' πŸ˜‚.

Until next time stay safe, healthy & wash your hands! πŸ’§πŸ˜·

Hugs & Happy Crafting!
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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Upcoming Silhouette Events in Peach Tree City, Georgia

Hi there. I'm so excited to be assisting these lovely ladies in their upcoming Silhouette Getaway in Peach Tree City, Georgia. Don't miss out on this great weekend packed full of Silhouette crafting fun and fellowship! For more information and/or to register hop on over to Terri's blog Terri Johnson Creates and click on events. Space is limited so don't be the one who suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out).


If for whatever reason you can't make it to Terri and Mandy's event, check out the All Things Silhouette Conference being held in November. It too is an event, that I promise, you won't want to miss. And yes, I will be there too. This will be my third time teaching at ATS. And when I'm not presenting (by the way - we have so much fun in my classes 😁, I'll be around either assisting someone with their class, possibly hanging out at the registration desk or enjoying some vendor hall fun! This is one of the best organized events I've had the pleasure of being part of. It is a jam packed weekend of fun, food, shopping, giveaways, crafting and and of course fellowship with like minded crafters. There is something for everyone -  from newbies to advanced users. There are some awesome sponsors such as Silhouette America, Michael's, Siser NA, Orafol, We R Memory Keepers and Plaid just to name a few. To check it out and/or register click this link: All Things Silhouette November 2019. Hope you'll join us!

And in case you don't have a machine and have been looking for one, here's a great deal from Silhouette until July 15th! Don't need a machine but need to stock up on mats and blades...well we have you covered there too! And who doesn't like free shipping? Don't forget to use the promo code CRAFTNSPIRED at check out to get these great deals!

Silhouette Shopping

Until we meet again...Happy Crafting!
❤️ Julie

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Wooden Tag Tutorial

Have you seen these wooden tags? They seem to be all the rage in the wooden sign making groups. They really can be great additions to your Christmas decor. They look great hanging from a wreath or just hanging from your door. But I'm sure we can find other ways to use them. What about decorating your mailbox with them? What about smaller ones and using them as gift tags for family gifts. How cute would these be for newlyweds with something like Just Married or their name ex: The Huggins's. The ideas are just endless.

I made these tags out of some left over wood pallet scraps. And while I was fishing around for those scraps, I came across some cedar boards from a left over home improvement project...so we just had to cut those as well. I wanted to see how different materials would turn out. I have to say...I liked them all.



So here's how I made them....
Wood - Assorted Pallet Wood Repurposed / Cedar Boards
Waverly Chalk Paints
Foam brush
Make-up Sponges
Oracal Oramask
Metal Washers
Jute Rope/Twine
Silhouette / Silhouette Studio Software / Cut file / Supplies

  1. Cut, drill and sand your wood - I used approximately an 8 inch length - but you can make them any size you like. Next you cut the edges of one side at an angle. See pictures. Make sure you sand with the grain of the wood - wipe away dust with cloth. Using the drill bit pictured, drill out just enough to have your washer fit flush with the wood. 
  2. Paint your wood your base coat color with the foam brush - you just want good coverage but not too thick - you can always go back and paint a second coat
  3. While wood is drying - cut your design with your Silhouette making sure to size it to your board size proportionately. 
  4. Weed your design stencils - remember when weeding for a stencil you want to get rid of what you would normally keep
  5. Apply transfer tape to your first stencil and make sure to squeegee it well
  6. If your painted wood is dry to the touch, lightly sand, just to make it smooth
  7. Wipe away dust with cloth
  8. Apply your stencil. Squeegee it well. Remove transfer tape, leaving behind your stencil. 
  9. Using the cream chalk paint and one of the make-up sponges, dab it into the paint - tap off some of the paint in a tray or paper plate - you want your sponge to be almost dry. You don’t want too much paint or you will have bleeding - you can always add more paint - 
  10. Tap your paint onto you stencil - you can make it as dark as you like - make sure to tap lightly in an up and down motion. Add more paint as needed - once you’ve got the coverage the way you want it, let sit for just a few minutes and then remove the stencil carefully while it is still slightly wet. Make sure to remove your stencil with the grain of the wood. Removing the vinyl against the grain of the wood can cause splintering of your boards and/or the base coat paint lifting and being removed in places.  
  11. Once your sign has been painted - allow your sign to dry completely
  12. Glue washers into holes. 
  13. Add rope for hanging & Enjoy

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Upcoming Holiday Silhouette Workshop

Hi! Just wanted to share an upcoming Holiday Silhouette Workshop. It is taking place in Richmond Hill, Georgia (13 miles from Savannah) If you are interested in attending, it's not too late. We still have  few spaces available.

Just wanted to shout out a big thank you to all of our sponsors.  Silhouette America - Sparkleberry Ink - Siser NA - HeatPressNation - Milissa Martini Designs - Pro World Inc - etchall Etching Products - H&H Sign - Orafol - Specialty Materials - Happy Crafters  Without your generosity this event would not be the same. We've been very lucky to receive door prizes, goody bag items, samples and supplies for projects.

Come and join us for crafting fellow, learning and fun! To register or get more information, email us at juliehcrafting@gmail.com or find us on FB https://www.facebook.com/sewcraftnspired/

Until next time...Happy Crafting!
 ❤️ Julie

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Installing Fonts for use in the Silhouette Studio Software

It seems we all love collecting (hoarding) all the fonts we can for crafting and creating with our Silhouette. As easy as it is to find fonts, we often times run into problems after downloading them. We may have difficulty locating where they have downloaded or trying to install them for use within the software. Recently I helped navigate someone through this process, and realized there may be others who need similar guidance. So here's a little tutorial to hopefully make these tasks a little easier.

Here's my disclaimer... for the record, I'm a PC girl. So the detailed instructions and screen shots are for PC users. However at the bottom of the post I have listed out the instructions for Mac Users as outlined by ** Silhouette America's website for font installation.

This is the same process for installing fonts that you get from other sources such as ** The Hungry JPeg, Craft Chameleon, and Font Bundles; not just the Silhouette Design Store.

I've ordered this font from the Silhouette Design Store. (Okay...who am I kidding, when I did this I ordered several..."YOU" know you can never have too many fonts...just sayin'...πŸ˜‚) .

When the order is completed in the Design Store, it gives the option to view/download the order.

Next you have to download it to your computer, not to the Silhouette Studio software.

The download will go to the place that you have set as your default location for downloads. Mine goes to the downloads folder. Some may have it set up to go to documents, some to desktop. It's all by preference. (Make sure your Silhouette Studio Software is closed, not just minimized on your computer - this is true when installing any fonts or they will not show up in your Font Style Panel until your software is closed and opened up again.)

Once downloaded, you will have a zipped file. You double- click on the zipped file and each font is listed separately. (If you bought the font separately, each font will be in its own zipped folder).

You click on the font and a box will open up with a button that says install. You click on the install button and it will install the font to your computer.

Once the button is grayed out, the font is installed.

Once the font has been installed, you will now open your Silhouette Studio Software. The font will show up in your library as well as in your Font Type Panel.

Not all fonts from Silhouette Design Store install this way. Some come in through your Silhouette Cloud already installed. If you've purchased a font and it does not show up in your Silhouette Studio Software Font Type Panel but does show in your library, then you must go to the Silhouette Design Store and download it to your computer and follow the instructions as listed above.

Once you've done the font installing process a few times, you'll be a FIP - font installing pro. 😊

Now here are the promised instructions for Mac Users:
Installing Fonts on a Mac:
1. Depending on your download preferences, the download my show up in your downloads area or in the default location. Every user has their preferences set differently.
2. Open the downloaded folder.
3. Double-click on the font to install.
4. A font management window will open.
5. Select the Install option in the lower-right of the window.
6. Once installed, the font management window will close, indicating that the font has been installed. 

Hope you've found this tutorial to be helpful and easy to follow. We'd love to hear from you, so leave us a comment below.

 Until next time...Happy Crafting!
 ❤️ Julie

**Some of the links listed are affiliate links. If you click on a link, I may receive some small compensation from your purchase. Using these links does not cost you anything additional nor are the costs higher, however, the compensations earned does help to offset costs associated with my blog. Thank you for your continued support.**