I saw this on Facebook and so thought it was very funny.  This would so happen to me!  Enjoy

Pig and the Cookie Jar Video

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi. I'm Julie and I'm starting on my new journey with blogging.  I hope you'll bear with me as I work through all the kinks in the learning curve.  Throughout this journey I'll be sharing some of the loves in my life along with the people in my life whom I love. You will find among my creative adventures my love of crafting, pinning (for those of you familiar with Pinterest), cooking (well, not all cooking...but anything with sugar - I'm IN!), bringing new life to something old and discarded, and getting into whatever else happens to find its way to me. I have a friend who once told me because I have a creative mind it makes me act very ADD (like I have attention deficit disorder) sometimes...and I tend to think she might have something there. With that said, I also seem to get side tracked easily, so don't be alarmed if during one project I might venture to another and have more than one going at a time. I find it keeps me from getting bored. I will try hard not to do that within a single post so no one will become confused including me. Hahahaha!!