Hi there.  Well, it's been a really busy week for me, so not much time crafting unfortunately.  :(  But, I was able to manage a few minutes to squeeze in a little something....for myself....I had an idea to transform a great hoodie I just happened to pick up at a place I frequent occasionally, into something all mine. And no I don't get paid or receive free merchandise to promote this company's products (however, if they would like to pass either my way, I would be happy to accept - heehee - hint hint!!!) Anyway, loved the hoodie, but felt like something was missing...so of course I had to make it special and add my own touch! 

So...with the help of trusty Sil, some HTV and my heat-press, away I went to my happy place - as I am ignoring the mess around me...hence the messy craft room. (that discussion is a total embarrassment for a later time) And moments later, here's what I ended up with. I think it turned out pretty good and no one even realized it didn't belong to the original design until I pointed it out, because, as you all know, occasionally we have to point things out.  Now of course I'm getting the whole "you should do this for all of us now" from my gal pals at work. Hmmm....maybe if they provide their own hoodies and a little cha-ching, I can perform some presto magic for them too!

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