April Zoomed By...Now Here Comes May!


Guess what I just found.....how bout my May post...that didn't get posted.  No wonder everyone thought I was no longer blogging....Hmmmmm....I've got to get better at this blogging thing....

So sorry it's late and definitely out of date, but enjoy it all the same...

April is about gone and May is quickly approaching. I've been busy with life, like normal. But in between I've stolen a few precious moments to do some crafting. Mostly crafting for others, because then of course I can necessitate it. But it still counts as crafting, no matter how you look at it. Not only has life just been it's busy self, but we also have added to our happy family. No, I'm not expecting nor did we adopt a baby. Well not really....we have a new puppy! "She" is part Aussie Sheppard and Catahoula.....and can we say ADORABLE! And definitely a baby, which means lots of accidents and everything else that goes along with babies! (I'm definitely getting too old for this...) Bailee is a full time mess maker and is growing by leaps and bounds. She will probably be around 50 pounds when she is all grown up. (Update: at 5 months old - August 2016 - she is already 43 pounds, sew I think 50 pounds is way off from what she really will be) A big leap for us from our 8 pound Chihauhua, Bogey. Here's a picture of the new baby. Right now she is 6 weeks old. Matt has nick named her "Angel" and "Sunshine". Which means, when she's acting like both...she's sleeping.
Bailee with her blue eyes

I will post an updated picture soon! Until then, happy crafting!

Beginning the next journey

Sew....I've begun the next journey within my crafting adventure. I've been sew busy working my full time job that I realized my crafting adventure had gone astray. Sew....in order to make myself do what I love, I had to make myself accountable. First...I have taken a leap with faith and signed up for Terri Johnson's first Silhouette Instructor certification/licensing class. It will give me the opportunity to teach/put on Silhoutte user/crafting Retreats. I'm excited and can't wait as it is less than 3 weeks away. Also, I cannot tell a lie. 10 minutes from my hotel is an Ikea Outlet Store. I plan on doing a little shopping as well. Hey...can you blame me? If you haven't been to Ikea, you haven't lived. They have lots of great products and many of them can be used for crafting inspiration. You know me...I'm an immediate gratification girl! I love to take a ready made product and add my flare to it, to finish it off!

Also, with the help of my eldest, I've developed an Instagram and Facebook page to go along with my blog. I'm planning to use them to promote my finished projects and give me a unique selling platform without the store front feel. To round out all my accountability, I've signed up to attend a vendor event. One of our neighboring counties is having their annual lower schools fall festival and was asked if I would like to participate and have a booth. Well, I said yes...I know...what was I thinking???  Well, since obligating myself, it has helped to light a fire under my britches to start crafting to make sure I have products of all price ranges for sale. Plus I'm going to do a few custom personalized pieces and have order forms available for anyone who might want to order. I'm thinking of mostly having Fall and Christmas items as this event is at the end of October and right before Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm also thinking I might throw in some football items as well, since we all know college football has started! Go Dawgs!!!

I'm hoping this event will give me an idea of what items are trending and which ones I should stay away from. Wish me luck.

Well until next time, happy crafting and tailgating!

P.S.  Enjoy a few pics of my most recent projects.

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