Well, let's just say, this blogging thing isn't as easy to keep up with as I thought it would be. With so many oars in the water, I keep finding my kayak spinning in circles when it comes time to blog. 

Read anything good lately? Well I have. I was introduced to this independent sci-fi writer's works by a friend. The writer is Will Webb and his books are One Way Ticket and Life on Mars. I really enjoyed them. And not only are they good, they are also currently free to read. However, I do have a warning to give...the second book is not complete...so you'll have to be patient like I am and wait for the chapters as they are released. So far, it's been worth the wait! Go check them out at www.wattpad.com/story/5320051-one-way-ticket 

So lets see, what's new? 
Well I've had a few mini retreats, all with new great projects. 

 I've decided to sell some of the items I make in a retail space - Shops on Main in Pembroke, GA. Never heard of it? Well its a quaint little town not far from Savannah, GA. The shop is great and has a great variety of vendors and products. I've had to keep myself out of the place, or I'll end up spending everything I make and then some. If you are looking for gifts for baby, family, friends, teachers or even yourself, they've got you covered.

My oldest nephew got married and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. The venue was lovely as were the flowers. (Wonder who that talented floral designer was?) A dear friend of mine owns the venue and also happens to own the retail space I was talking about, "Shops on Main". 

And lastly we went through the whole prom process. This year my youngest is a junior. Next year is bound to be bigger and better. I think they all had a great time. It's so crazy to see all of the young men and women grown up and dressed up. Where does the time fly? 


I had the pleasure to visit a fellow business owner and very special friend - Mandy with SparkleBerry Ink. I spent the afternoon with her and friends, let me tell you..she has got some great new patterns in both adhesive and HTV coming down the pipe. The summer is just going to be filled with color and pop! So make sure you keep an eye out and visit her site often. You won't be disappointed. Here are a couple of pictures from her studio. 

Currently, since it has started warming up again, thank you Mother Nature, I'm walking again. And I've so needed the outdoors and fresh air.   

Well...in closing, I am in the process of getting some venues set for some upcoming Silhouette retreat/instructional events. I'm looking into working with a very sweet friend and supporter on a few "secret" projects. I'll give you a little hint...I'm soon going to be seen and heard more than normal! Which is so not me...well at least the seeing. The hearing, well anyone who knows me, knows that's a given! LOL! Though she may be little, she is loud. Check back soon for updates and maybe a few surprises. 

And as always Happy Crafting!

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