Crafting Unity During The Coronavirus

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have been MIA. You know how things go...that little thing called life just seems to get in the way. Intentions are good, but sometimes I just can't get it all done.

Praying you and your family are safe and healthy with all that is going on in our big worlds.

Here's a little update from my neck of the woods. My youngest son is off at school still living the college life (those quarantined & virtually learning). My oldest son & his wife started out the year shaking our foundation by moving across the country to the west coast. Yep 3,000 miles away. That was unexpected to say the least. But I guess children grow up and make their own way.

All the while, the rest of our world as we know it was getting rocked with the Coronavirus. Luckily, the area where we live hasn't been hit very hard, but unfortunately we know several who have been impacted by it. Our prayers continue to go out to everyone affected. Although my husband and I are essential workers, we too are living our days under shelter in place. We of course have to go to work. But we don't do much else other than hitting the grocery store for essential needs. Although I know this whole thing has been inconvenient to life as we all know it, I also hope it has been an eye opening experience just as it has been for us. It seems to be bringing families back together and strengthening the family unit. (There's probably a few frazzled parents out there questioning me on that comment - and to those parents I say this...makes you appreciate those teachers just a little more now, doesn't it! 😂💗) And honestly, both are something this country definitely needed. 💗

It also has brought the nation together. People of all walks of life helping their fellow man. Crafters and non crafters making face masks and other needed supplies for healthcare workers and first line responders. Some others are making and sending uplifting cards and many others are sharing these stories. Strangers caring for and comforting each other. That, right there my friends, is worth its weight in gold. I've had the honor of witnessing several of these wonderful selfless acts around me and wanted to share a few of them with you.

My friend Starlin, who is a local photographer, put down her camera and began sewing masks to donate to healthcare workers. She also used her Silhouette Cameo for cutting out leather mask clips.

Another friend and fellow colleague, Silhouette Instructor Teresa Pepe from New York, used her Silhouette to make face shields and began donating them to her local hospitals & front line workers. She and her family have worked around the clock to fill requests. Word of what she was doing spread like wildfire and many were moved by her story. As a result, she started receiving supply donations from both businesses and the community. This made it possible for she and her family to continue making the face shields. Her story also inspired other Silhouette instructors to support her cause. Teresa has received multiple boxes of face shields made by these colleagues. These face shields have been donated to local first line responders.  

Lycia (my sister from another mother) and her sweet mom Nancilee, both from Texas, also took to crafting to fill needs in their community. Lycia, who is also a Silhouette Instructor, used her Glowforge to craft acrylic buttons for headbands and mask clips from plexiglass. Both of these items were designed for healthcare workers to relieve the pressure of mask loops off their ears. Nancilee and her quilting group took to their sewing machines and together sewed thousands of face masks for their local hospital.

There are so many heartwarming stories happening around me, that I of course can't begin to tell them all. I'm in awe of these and the countless others that are happening day in and day out. Please don't let the storytelling stop here. Take to social media and spread the word of the good things you see happening around you. Things that are uniting our communities. Don't let goodwill go unnoticed!

And now I want to leave you with this last thought and maybe a little chuckle...okay... at least a smile on your face..Someone is going to have to come up with a post quarantine workout program for me when this is all over with, because I know I'm going to have the Corona25 when it's all said and done, if you know what I mean...well Corona quarantine and that cookie dough and well maybe that strawberry ice cream all will have contributed...and I really didn't need any additional help...I already looked like a busted can of biscuits...I'm just sayin' 😂.

Until next time stay safe, healthy & wash your hands! 💧😷

Hugs & Happy Crafting!
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