In Overdrive

Well, good early morning to all. I'm starting my day with a few reflections of the weekend as it's coming to a close and getting ready for the beginning of the already busy scheduled week. Why does it seem that we are always in fast gear forward? I'm so ready for a slow down. Sounds like something I've heard Mr. Bentley say in one of his country songs. Guess he knows what I'm talking about. 

I have a busy week coming up. In addition to my normal work load, dealing will all the changes happening to our nations great diagnosis coding system that goes live Oct 1st...the combination alone might make me pull my hair completely out...ughughugh!! I also have a personal sadness to add to my stress.
Sadly we will lay to rest someone who has been a part of my life, most of my life, but who I know is in a much better place. Yes he lived a long life. Yes God has ended any suffering. Yes he will be missed. It's still a sadness and a stressor all the same. You'll always be in my heart and I will always call you Grandpa. Rest in peace.

Now onto happier thoughts! A family dear to mine, welcomed a new baby this week - Karoline Leigh! 7 lbs 12 oz  20 1/2 inches long. She too is part of a huge UGA Dawg loving family. And I think she was our lucky charm this year against those SC Gamecocks!  By the way Spurrier...How 'bout the Dawgs and how do you like us now!! What a Game! Can I get a Woof! Woof!
You know I've always heard that when God takes someone we love he sends us someone else to love, fill the space and ease the pain. I truly believe he works his miracles daily. 

Both my sons have gone nonstop this weekend so there's been very little rest for me. The oldest working all weekend and going to a co-worker's wedding, which I understand was beautiful. It was in a historical park in Savannah, GA and southern in style, but different at the same time. Congrats to Paige and Sam! The youngest just doing his social thang and needing to be taxi'd around leaves little time for much else. So in between all my dashing and dodging I have been working on a few craft things but have not done much in completing any of them. They currently are works in progress but should be up for show soon. 

However I do have one to show that I helped my friend make for her daughter's birthday and I think we did a pretty good job. Again Sil (Silhouette Cameo) came to the rescue. Hard to believe she sat for so long and intimidated me. She is worth her weight in gold. Take a look and see for yourself.  
Hi there.  Well, it's been a really busy week for me, so not much time crafting unfortunately.  :(  But, I was able to manage a few minutes to squeeze in a little something....for myself....I had an idea to transform a great hoodie I just happened to pick up at a place I frequent occasionally, into something all mine. And no I don't get paid or receive free merchandise to promote this company's products (however, if they would like to pass either my way, I would be happy to accept - heehee - hint hint!!!) Anyway, loved the hoodie, but felt like something was of course I had to make it special and add my own touch! 

So...with the help of trusty Sil, some HTV and my heat-press, away I went to my happy place - as I am ignoring the mess around me...hence the messy craft room. (that discussion is a total embarrassment for a later time) And moments later, here's what I ended up with. I think it turned out pretty good and no one even realized it didn't belong to the original design until I pointed it out, because, as you all know, occasionally we have to point things out.  Now of course I'm getting the whole "you should do this for all of us now" from my gal pals at work. Hmmm....maybe if they provide their own hoodies and a little cha-ching, I can perform some presto magic for them too!

September is finally here!

Happy September! Fall is in the air. That means....brand new fall and winter catalog and prints for Thirty-One, cooler days hopefully (fingers crossed - I do live in Georgia!), College Football (1st game the 4th - Go Dawgs! -which means tailgating with my neighbors) lots of crafting for gift giving (somehow I don't ever get as much accomplished as I intend too! - there's always next year!), decorating with the upcoming holidays Halloween & Christmas (both are equally my favorite!!) and lots of comfort foods and goodies. If you can't tell, September is the kick off to my favorite time of year. I love to see the leaves change colors and everything around me go to those earthy jewel tones. Plus there's a whole Lotta Black and Red around the house-woof woof!!!

Here are a few crafty things I've been working on.

The first is my new cover for my Silhouette Cameo. It is sparkly and pretty and makes me happy. And Sil (that's what I call her) is oh so deserving. In case you aren't familiar with the Silhouette Cameo - Its a cutting machine for vinyl, fabric, cardstock, etc. This cutting file was provided by Terri Johnson and I blinged it up a bit with the glitter htv (heat transfer vinyl) and added the scissors. I follow Terri on her blog terrijohnsoncreates. She is oh so talented and a wealth of knowledge, which she is so eager and willing to pass along without hesitation. A crafting friend and I are actually going to be attending a 3-day Silhouette retreat she is hosting January 2016 in good ole Savannah, Georgia. I can hardly wait.

These are a few ornaments I have been trying out!  Sorry for some reason I can't get the pictures to turn right side up...I told you I'm a work in progress!!!  Aren't they cute though!  Grinch is my fave!!

I do have a little news I want to share....a very special, dear and close friend of mine (can't call her my bestie, because my son claims that title- heeheehee), I really consider her my sister anyway...she and her husband are expecting!

So I'm going to be an AUNT!!! So..that means...I'll be crafting baby items too, which I luv to do anyway.  I can't wait to find out what they are having..I know they are leaning for a girl...I'm leaning for a boy (I'm biased) but as long as its healthy we'll all be happy!!!  By the way....Did I tell you I LOVE FALL???